Hi, I'm Mrs. Davis, counselor at Venetucci Elementary.  The counseling focus for our school revolves around the needs of our students.  Those needs are met through school wide initiatives, whole class guidance lessons, small group instruction and individual support for specific students.  

School Wide Initiative

This year our school focus is on Social Emotional Learning.  We are using Zones of Regulation in order to teach students how to identify their feelings and decide which zone that feeling best fits in and what strategies can be used to move back to the green zone.  

Whole Class Guidance Lessons

I am able to visit each classroom twice monthly.  The lessons I use when I visit there focus on Zones of Regulation.  All Venetucci students know which feeling goes into each zone.  The focus now is for students to understand how their feelings impact others and what each student can do to continue to learn by learning strategies that can be useful in all settings.  

Individual Counseling

Students have been selected to will benefit from additional instruction in order to be able to identify their feelings and use strategies to help students continue to learn.  


PBIS is our school's Positive Behavior Intervention Support.  This is a system that allows us to focus on the positive things our students are doing and reteaching those things that get in the way of each student's learning.  We do that by using a clip chart system, classroom team Punches, and TEAM tickets.  Our staff focuses on catching students doing the right thing and recognizing those things.  

Mustang Mediators

Mustang Mediators are 5th grade students that are selected based on teacher recommendation.  These students give tours to new students. They do all of the recycling for the school.  They give weekly PBIS related announcements.  They help Kindergarten and 1st grade students at lunch and recess.  They help with community projects throughout the school year.